The Backpack of Wings: Modern Mythology

Hyeseon Jeong and Seongmin Yuk

The Backpack of Wings: Modern Mythology represents the speculative future scenarios, which are collisions and integrations between a bio-geo tracking technology for wild animals in scientific fields and an animism in seismic disaster myth in East Asia.

Since ancient times, whenever a natural disaster strikes, people anecdotally report that “animals knew it beforehand,” a belief related to animals as spiritual beings. As telemetry systems evolve, this animistic belief is transformed into data by calculating, analyzing with biologging on the animal body; moreover, the animal-behavior data enables forecasting upcoming nature events. 

This current transformation allows us to question the redefinition of relationships between human beings and animals: How far is the intervention of human beings into nature acceptable? Will the animals be perceived as essential members of human society? Will they be revered as gods for predicting a future, or simply as measuring tools? Furthermore, The Backpack of Wings opens a discussion about ethical labor for datafied wild animals.


Loki and Anja on a roof.

Migratory Bird Conservation Comission.

A’Sense company AD.

A’Sense nautral disaster alarm application.

Loki and Anja on a roof.

Migratory Bird Conservation Comission.

A’Sense company AD.

A’Sense nautral disaster alarm application.

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Hyeseon Jeong is interested in social phenomena of digitalization, new power/network structures, and decentralisation. Her work engages with a wide range of themes, from scientific approaches to political issues. She has generated non-linear narratives by translating and reconstructing the research content from various fields, in a maximization of fictions, radioplay, videos and sounds, entangled under a theme, and then exhibited as part of exhibitions, festivals and sound performances. She is currently studying at Academy of Media Arts Cologne.


Seongmin Yuk is an artist, interested in notions of de(re)constructing boundaries, space and physical embodiment, interdependent perception, transboundary, posthumanity, and digital transhumanity. Seongmin Yuk looks for the possible nodes networking through those notions, (de)composes the intersections through his videos, performances, installations, and constructed spaces. He is currently studying at Academy of Media Arts Cologne. 



Project Credits

Directed, Written and edited by
Hyeseon Jeong


Lili M. Rampre, Kilian Kuhlendahl, IrishCobbler, Ricky DB, Tim Stephenson, Karen ©Acapela Group, Kimberly ©VoiceMaker.In, Léo Beaudoin, Meagan Hall, AnitaCrystalbaby

Line Producer
Petra Clemens

Assistant Animator and Colour Grading
Seongmin Yuk

Subtitle Translator
Meagan Hall

Sound Effects and Design
Hyemin Jung

‘Aphasia’ by ABADIR, ‘I got ice on my bag’ by Yukee, ‘Yonaoshi’ by Jeolmyohan, “One Cybernetic Carrier Pigeon Said To Another…” by Ali Rahman

Produced by
Academy of Media Arts Cologne(KHM)

Coproduced by
Driving the Human; cooperation between Forecast/Skills e.V., HfG, ZKM, acatech

Movebank (hosted by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior), Seongmin Yuk, Prof. Ute Hörner, Thomas Hawranke, Prof. Hans Bernhard, Sam Hopkins, Ali Rahman