Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal

From October 15–17, 2021, the hybrid event Driving the Human presents 21 new visions for sustainable cohabitation on our planet, both through an on-site event in Berlin and an online broadcast. 

October 15 – 17, 2021

Hosted by Forecast at radialsystem, Berlin, and online at drivingthehuman.com

Hosted by Forecast at radialsystem in Berlin, Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal develops across dimensions. It both manifests as an experienceable and memorable in-person experience and becomes a digital broadcast and an online platform for exchange. The event is conceived to offer a variety of formats, creating multiple occasions for encounters and various points of entry to the themes explored by each of the presented projects. In addition to the project authors, the event also invites several international experts to explore in depth the multiple narratives and approaches brought together on this occasion.

Coming from a variety of geographic and cultural backgrounds, the 21 presented concepts suggest innovative and prescient ways to deal with some of the most pressing questions of our present moment. Exploring entanglements between technology and nature, artificial intelligence, circular economies, new modes of production, Indigenous knowledges and approaches, and more-than-human perspectives from the bacterial to the interplanetary, they reinforce perspectives where collaboration and interdependency become essential, determining factors for life and survival on our planet.

Event participants include: Yasmine Abbas, Clara Acioli, Erik Adigard, AHORA (Claudio Astudillo Barra and Linda Schilling Cuellar), Akwasi Bediako Afrane, Anne-Sofie Belling, Barbara Boss, James Bridle, Vienne Chan, Sonia Mehra Chawla, Jingru (Cyan) Cheng, Andrea de Chirico, Bea Delgado Corrales, Lena Geerts Danau, Dance is Politics (Luis Bautista Harris, Pablo Castillo Luna, Ernesto Ibáñez Galindo and Héctor Suárez González), Mang Dian, Damiàn Dlaboha, Maximilian Grünewald, Mira Hirtz, Hyeseon Jeong, Romy Kaiser, Gilly Karjevsky, Katja Meier, Paula Nerlich, Nonhuman Nonsense, DK Osseo-Asare, Eliana Otta, Andra Pop-Jurj, Iris Qu 曲晓宇, Alexandre Quessy, Ray Interactive (Sam Healy and Brendan McCarthy), Béla Rothenbühler, Vincent Rumahloine, Chris Salter, Eylül Şenses, Jaime Sevilla, Sonic Acts of Noticing (Julia Udall, Alex De Little, Jon Orlek, Joe Gilmore and Richard Cook), Juan Pablo García Sossa, Rosario Talevi, Miriam Walsh (ASCUS Art & Science), Matthew C. Wilson, Chen Zhan, among others.

The full program and participant list will be announced at the end of September.

Explore here the 21 selected concepts that will be presented at the event.