We’re living in a crisis of imagination. On a planetary level, we have been forced into a dead end, trapped within a series of binaries – left or right, zeroes or ones, black or white – which fail to encapsulate the complexities of the world that manifests every day around us.

Our ways of seeing, analyzing, and categorizing what surrounds us no longer work. We need new tools to dismantle our current ways of organizing and categorizing the world, new tools to embrace the complexity that surrounds us, new tools to catalyze constructive frictions between elements, as well as new tools that allow us to both act and react to our present condition.

fig. 4                                      

This is the mission of Driving the Human.The initiative explores and engages with constructive frictions across scales, from the molecular to human, from the urban to the planetary. By doing so, Driving the Human creates spaces in which to dismantle our present tools, and develop new ones to better understand our mutual habitat. Ultimately, the process and outcomes of the initiative – seven prototypes for eco-social renewal – become tools that enable new worldviews, and open the door to alternative ways of coexisting.