This spring, the seven project authors visited the silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin, where our upcoming Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal event will take place.

At the silent green Kulturquartier, a former crematorium located in Berlin-Wedding, our seven project authors explored the unique architecture, thought of its relation to their projects and imagined how the upcoming festival could take shape there.

The Driving the Human festival will take over the entire space of silent green, including the octagonal cupola (which was once the mourning hall), the garden, the cellar as well as the extensive concrete hall. The festival will take place from November 25-27 2022 and will display the Seven Prototypes for Eco-Social Renewal, as well as an extensive program of workshops, talks and activations.

Video by Stephan Talneau, Text by Aisha Altenhofen