Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal

From October 15–17, 2021, the hybrid event Driving the Human presented 21 new visions for sustainable cohabitation on our planet, both through an on-site event in Berlin and an online broadcast.

October 15 – 17, 2021

Hosted by Forecast at radialsystem, Berlin, and online at drivingthehuman.com

Hosted by Forecast at radialsystem in Berlin, Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal was a three-day festival proposing a varied array of formats. Through immersive experiences and interactive installations; focused readings and embodied knowledge; riveting screenings and stimulating performances, the festival advanced proposals for some of the most pressing issues of our time.


Over three days, Driving the Human’s 21 concepts took over the spaces of radialsystem, exploring entanglements between technology and nature, artificial intelligence, circular economy, new modes of production, Indigenous knowledges, and more-than-human perspectives from the bacterial to the interplanetary. Together, these proposals reinforced perspectives in which collaboration and interdependency become essential, determining factors for life and survival on our planet.

To explore the many dimensions of these powerful ideas, visitors could meet the authors of the 21 concepts, as well as several international experts that propose in-depth explorations of the narratives and approaches brought together on this occasion. The invited experts offered unexpected, enriching perspectives on the festival’s themes, which ranged from AI to biomaterials, and from circular economy to social anthropology. Additionally, three projects from Future Architecture Platform presented their research.

Explore here the 21 selected concepts that were presented at the event.



Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal


Artistic Director
Freo Majer

Head of Projects and Team
Agata Lorkowska

Project Coordinator
Nikola Joetze

Program Coordinator
Vera Sacchetti

Communication and Press
Inês Revés

German Press Relations
Kathrin Luz

Production Assistant
Greta Kallsen

Project Assistant
Rabea Kaczor

Working Student (Social Media)
Camille N’Dri

Jennifer Leja

Kim Kampe

Driving the Human Visual Identity and Website
Studio Yukiko

Thanks to
Nina Lange, Patrick Liwitzki, Hili Perlson

radialsystem Artistic Director
Matthias Mohr

We thank the production and communication department, technical team, and all staff at radialsystem.


Susanne Kadner, Elise Misao Hunchuck, Joe Halligan, Vera Meyer, Manuel Rivera, Anne-Catherine Robert-Hauglustaine, Margit Rosen, Jaime Sevilla, Biao Xiang

Julia Ihls, Matylda Krzykowski, Kay Meseberg (ARTE), Anton Rahlwes (form magazine), Vera Sacchetti, James Taylor-Foster

Spatial Design

Stage Manager
Helga Angarano, Florian Greß, Klara Kopperschmidt, Hana Peterson

Artist Support
Leonie Kreipe

Video Documentation
Stephan Talneau, Christina Voigt

Camille Blake

Kimberly Bradley

Technical Support & Camera

Exhibition Support
kujawa raumdesign

Hair & Make Up
Sue Eden


Driving the Human has been initiated by Forecast, and further developed in continuous conversations between Freo Majer with Jan Boelen (HfG/Atelier LUMA), Martina Schraudner (acatech/CERRI), and the curatorial team of ZKM.

Sandra Fendl, Iris Michalik, Martina Schraudner, Regina Straub, Annette Wiedemann

HfG Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design
Marion Augustin, Jan Boelen, Monika Theilmann
Ina Grabosch, Julia Ihls, Anthea Oestreicher (HfG Karlsruhe BioDesignLab)

Lena Becker, Sarah Donderer, Hannah Jung, Peter Weibel, Philipp Ziegler