Driving the Human: Seven Approaches to Eco-social Renewal

Following the choice of seven projects that will take Driving the Human to its final stage, the next milestone is a mentorship event from December 10–11, 2021.

The closed mentoring event Driving the Human: Seven Approaches to Eco-social Renewal takes a closer look at the concepts that will be developed over the course of 2022, in the last stage of Driving the Human. Taking place online, the event brings together artists and scientists for joint sessions and one-on-one conversations. The goal is to allow each project to develop a roadmap and structure for their next year of work and research.

Documented thoroughly on our journal and the Driving the Human website, the research and development phase will be concluded in November 2022, when the seven projects will unveil their developments to the general public, materializing as prototypes for new ways to co-inhabit on the planet.

Explore the seven chosen projects, and see the mentoring event participants