Asked Questions

Who may apply?

Anyone may apply. Creative minds from anywhere in the world, working in a variety of disciplines, are invited to submit proposals for eco-social renewal. The resulting prototypes will ultimately become tools that enable new worldviews, and open the doors to alternative ways of coexisting.

How might I benefit if I am selected? What can I expect?

Driving the Human provides an exchange of thoughts, inspiration, and encouragement. A key benefit is the opportunity to achieve a first realization of the project you have been wanting to bring to fruition, and to present it to the public. Initially, twenty-one proposals will be selected to present their ideas in a public forum in Berlin in October 2021. Out of these twenty-one proposals, seven will be chosen in December 2021 to produce actual prototypes. These seven projects will each receive a substantial sum for developing and producing the intended prototype, which will be presented in Berlin in December 2022.  They will also benefit from extended support from the partners’ expertise and knowledge network, as well as opportunities for collaboration. See our Terms and Conditions for details regarding artist fee and production support.

Will travel and/or production costs be covered? Does Driving the Human provide a grant?

Yes. If you are invited to present your project at one of the Driving the Human events, Driving the Human will grant you accommodation and travel costs, and provide infrastructure and space for your presentation. However, if you apply as a duo or collective, Driving the Human can only guarantee travel and accommodation costs for one member. See our Terms and Conditions for details regarding artist fee and production support.

May I submit various projects?

No. Please apply with the project that is most relevant to you.

We are a group. May we apply as a team?

Yes. Please note that we cannot provide a travel allowance for more than one participant, and the production budget remains the same whatever the number of your collaborators may be.

Is there any age limit?


What are the criteria for getting invited? Who decides?

A jury composed of Jan Boelen (Rector, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design), Freo Majer (Artistic Director, Forecast), Martina Schraudner (Board of Directors, acatech), and Peter Weibel (Chairman and CEO, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe) will carefully review all proposals. Based on the individual quality of each application, the jury will select twenty-one proposals to be presented at the Driving the Human event in October 2021 at radialsystem (Berlin). Following the public presentation of the twenty-one proposals, and after consideration by the jury and a panel of invited experts, seven proposals will be selected to advance to the project’s last stage, when they will be given the opportunity to evolve into prototypes that can be experienced.

I have already done a project that I’m proud of. Could I apply with this project?

No. Driving the Human is about the process of developing a new project, with all its unpredictability. If we do not see the potential for a joint development, your proposal will not fit Driving the Human’s concept. You may, however, use the project in your application to show the range of your work.