Revisiting the Festival: Broadcast Day 2

From October 15–17, 2021, Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal brought together innovative proposals under one roof at radialsystem in Berlin.

Video by Stephan Talneau

The three days of exchange and connection in Berlin could be followed along an accompanying livestream. The broadcast of Day 2 is now available to be revisited here and on our Vimeo channel

The livestream of day 2, 16 October, began with an enthusiastic welcome by the hosts Matylda Krzykowski and James Taylor-Foster, followed by a film screening of Planetary Personhood by Nonhuman Nonsense. After the screening, James Bridle took the stage to present his project Server Farm. Participants Iris Qu (Do AIs Dream of Climate Chaos), James Bridle (Server Farm), Matthew C. Wilson (AI : Towards Earthly Technosymbiogenesis) and Akwasi Bediako Afrane (TRONS’R’US ), participated in the round table discussion AI and Computation Otherwise moderated by Kay Meseberg (arte).

The discussion was followed by a lecture performance by Chris Salter co-author of the concept Dissuasion Engine. The second round table of the day joined Vienne Chan (Down to the Economy), Andrea De Chirico (Superlocal — 0 miles production) and Dk Osseo-Asare (Habit@t) in a discussion titled Rethinking Production and Value moderated by Anton Rahlwes. 

The livestream ended with the performance Down to the Economy with Katja, Mila, Philine (acting), Lena, Vienne (translating).

Watch the full performances, discussions and screenings of Driving the Human: 21 Visions for Eco-social Renewal, day 2, in the video below, or connect directly to our Vimeo channel to explore all the videos of Driving the Human.