Last May, our seven project authors spent a few days in the countryside outside of Berlin. The long, sunny days allowed for a collective reflection on the many inputs of their intense trip to Germany, as well as cross-pollination of ideas, references and influences.

At the Salvey Mill in Uckermark, the seven project authors had a chance to collectively explore their projects and reflect on the many impressions of a week of travelling together. Their trip started with mentorship sessions with multidisciplinary experts at the Mentoring Event in Munich, hosted by our project partner acatech. From there, the seven projects travelled to Karlsruhe to visit our project partners ZKM, Center for Art and Media, and the Bio Design Lab nested within the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. After a day of inspiration, the projects took the train to Berlin to visit the silent green Kulturquartier, a former crematorium which will be the location of our upcoming Driving the Human festival. 

The Uckermark served as a place to slow down from all these experiences and build community through collective activities, such as bird watching, cooking, yoga sessions, and walks along the fields. There the project authors also had a chance to understand each other’s prototypes on a deeper level, discuss overlapping interests, and think collectively on how to shape the upcoming festival together.

Video by Stephan Talneau, Text by Aisha Altenhofen