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Photo: LINA

MAY 20, 2023

4 PM – Isola della Certosa, Venice
Meeting point at Invasi installation

The book tour reached its fifth stop in Venice! We launched our book in the context of Venice Architecture Biennale, with LINA platform and MAXXI Museum, in the event BioGrounds: For a new environmental awareness that took place at Isola della Certosa.




LINA Open Call launch event with BioGrounds: For a new environmental awareness

The LINA platform celebrated its first year at Isola della Certosa in Venice, joining in the event by MAXXI, National Museum of 21st Century Arts, titled BioGrounds: For a new environmental awareness. LINA fellows Francesca Beltrame, Meriem Chabani (New South), Kateřina Krupičková (ZWKR) and Lorenzo Perri (Lemonot) were joined by Josephine Michau (CAFx), Vera Sacchetti (Driving the Human / Forecast), Emanuele Coccia and Yuri Tuma (Institute of Postnatural Studies): together, they guided visitors on conversational walks winding across the Venetian island.

The event launched the open call for the next generation of LINA fellows: emerging spatial practitioners, thinkers and creatives, which was be published on 20 May on the LINA website. Applicants regardless of their age, teams included, are invited to apply with their radical ideas, practical solutions, theoretical insights or thought-provoking practices addressing the environmental crisis.

Walkie-Talkies: three conversations crossing the island
BioGrounds is a cluster of happenings and spatial installations on Isola della Certosa: Venice’s sole public park.
LINA has invited members, fellows and guests to create conversations and guide us from one installation to the next. We’re calling them walkie-talkies, since it will be possible to listen in on the talk via an app while wandering around the island solo.

Walkie-talkie schedule
Between land and water: The coast as critical space
Josephine Michau (Copenhagen Architecture Festival), Emanuele Coccia, LINA fellow Kateřina Krupičková
Meeting point: 14:45 at Cloister

Change of discourse in architecture: Balance between built and un-built
LINA fellows Lorenzo Perri (Lemonot) and Francesca Beltrame
Meeting point: 15:30 at Populus Alba installation

Interspecies and interhemispheric connections (Learning from Driving the Human)
LINA fellow Meriem Chabani (New South), Yuri Tuma (Institute of Postnatural Studies), Vera Sacchetti (Driving the Human)
Meeting point: 16:00 at Invasi installation


BioGrounds programme
BioGrounds is a project that combines the idea of an organic-educational garden (Bio) and that of a playground (Ground), designed for the Certosa Island in Venice. The designers involved are invited to design installations and biological areas where the public can interact – also through play and physical activity – with living, botanical, marine and mineral species. Each installation investigates a specific theme and sends a message aimed at increasing knowledge and environmental awareness. The BioGrounds project is interdisciplinary, involving professionals and experts in art, architecture, design, landscape architecture, but also biology, botany and pedagogy. The installations are not designed to be removed from the island in the short term, but to become an integrated part of it over time. The project is curated by Domitilla Dardi and is conducted in collaboration with Vento di Venezia.

Populus Alba
Authors: Emanuele Coccia (philosopher) + Formafantasma (design studio)

Angela Rui (design critic and curator) + Andrea Anastasio (designer)

Seed Bed
MAXXI – Alcantara, Studio Ossidiana (design studio)

Stefano Mancuso (botanist ) + Bêka & Lemoine (video-artists)


About LINA
The European platform LINA is an alliance of 32 institutions working at the intersection of architecture and other fields related to spatial culture. Its goal is to steer design and building processes towards regenerative practices and principles of de-growth.
LINA links selected emerging thinkers and practitioners with its member organisations, and invites them to co-create the LINA Architecture Programme: a series of events taking place in 23 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean.




We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our publication Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal, which marks the end of the three year initiative. The book documents all the milestones of the project, while contextualizing and expanding the discourse on the several themes at the core of Driving the Human. Combining expert voices and emerging creative visions, this publication offers an in-depth look at essential themes in our current moment of eco-social transformation, and advances new proposals to inhabit the planet. Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal combines thought-provoking essays and conversations with powerful images and visual language. The publication is released in collaboration with Mousse Publishing and distributed worldwide, both online and in stores.